Keep going lead a bright future

2022-06-10 11:02

The first part of the meeting was to listen to the management's summary of the company in 2021 and the development plan for 2022. Mr.Zhang, the general manager of the company, analyzed and the market situation of last year, and pointed out the focus of work in the New Year; And from the continuous learning, thrift, execution, responsibility and attitude of the four aspects of all the personnel put forward the new standards and requirements. Mr.Fan trained the company's development history and status for all the staff, and analyzed the company's positioning and development strategy in the next three years.

Each department carried out the 2021 work report and the 2022 work plan. Every members specifically summarized the achievements and problems of the past year, and put forward the work plan for 2022.

The development of MediFocus cannot be separated from the hard work of every employee. The company has commended and rewarded the employees with excellent performance in 2021, encouraging all the employees to work ahead, work together and achieve new achievements.

In 2022, there will be new products on the market. Manager Lu, the person in charge of the quality system of the company, shared the relevant knowledge of the quality system for all the staff, and summarized the key work of the quality system in the future.

Discussion on cross-departmental collaboration.First of all, each department discussed and summarized the main problems, and then concentrated on the discussion, analyzed the problems, and give solutions, everyone expressed their opinions, and the atmosphere was warm.At the end of the meeting,Mr.Zhang and Mr.Fan make summary for the meeting, hope everyone to face the challenge, constantly learning, further improve the work standards, clear development goals, adhere to the development strategy, uphold sincere trustworthiness, innovation and enterprising, tough from drive, beloved enterprise culture, bigger and stronger integration and respiratory medicine, truly achieve carefree breathing, healthy smile!